TJ and Pals

Flash/Actionscript, PHP, System Architecture

Umachaka Media Ltd.

Director of Technology and lead Flash/Actionscript developer for all TJ and Pals content.

This included dozens of educational interactive games, activities, etc. Some examples:

  • Dunk – Basketball game to match numbers and letters
  • Karaoke/Sing-Along – Video timed with highlighted text to read and sing along
  • Seek and Find - Drag and drop seek and find game
  • Connect the Dots - Connect the dots in order of numbers or letters, with a video reward upon success
  • Jigsaw and Sliding Puzzles - As part of a larger scene and standalone
  • Math, Spelling, Reading, and Writing Activities
  • Custom Video Player - Before DASH was popularized, included Adaptive bitrate switching

Also oversaw R&D and did the network programming for various projects that were completed but not released publicly, including multiplayer remote gaming and audio/visual chat.

Additionally, joined in creative brainstorming sessions- contributing significantly to all aspects of the process.

All of the content was built modularly and allowed multiple targets- making the desktop app version a relatively straightforward conversion with few individual code changes.

  • Art Studio
  • Seek and Find
  • Math Spin