Business Development

Shivimpanim is a non-profit (unofficially) to fund and create original entertaining media for a Torah-observant audience.

The idea is to run it like any other studio, only that profits go right back in to creating new media and marketing it. Besides the lack of traditional profiting, the most important difference between this and a for-profit business is that the decision to greenlight a project is made purely on the creative/spiritual/subjective goals while keeping in mind budgetary constraints. In other words, unlike a typical studio, profit predictions and market tests are simply not a major part of those decisions.

This allows an interesting mix of monetization tactics like advertising, sales, and other revenue streams, yet the motivating force remains purely the creative/spiritual impulse itself.

The hope is that philanthropy and donations are required only as a seed and occasional catalyst, and that the company will largely be self-sustaining. Currently, the prediction is that the market for the type of media Shivimpanim plans to produce is small but growing.

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